Shape the future of your organisation.

FutureEQ’s tools and thinking help you make strategic decisions with certainty.

Prove the ROI of marketing and CX investment.

FutureEQ can predict growth to market share, sales or share of wallet from investing in different activities.

We fuse behavioural science, AI and predictive modelling to precisely quantify the growth drivers for your organisation so you can invest in the right future-facing actions that prove ROI and secure growth. Today and tomorrow.

Use predictive tools that closely
link to market share, share of
wallet and profitability.

Know the emotional motivations
driving your customers

Systematically influence
business performance.

“ According to a new McKinsey study, CEOs see marketing as owning a growth agenda, we aim to arm CMO and CCOs with data that talks directly to the C-suite – quantifying the impact of brand and experience activities on the bottom line. ”

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Dynamic solutions for today and tomorrow.

We have developed a suite of behavioural based, advanced analytics and predictive methods, that sit at the bleeding edge of modelling and insights.

This suite will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients. Our flagship solutions, BrandEQ and PremiumEQ are used by some of Australia’s leading brands.

Prove and accelerate the direct impact that brand investment has on the bottom line.
Until now, it has been difficult to prove the direct impact brand investment has on market share and sales. What if you could quantify emotional drivers and link human behaviour to the business metrics unique to your organisation? BrandEQ is a future facing, dynamic, strategic solution that can identify with certainty where to invest for the greatest ROI.
Take command of
your brand premium.
Statistics show the majority of today’s top leadership brands can expect to be replaced in the next decade. What if you could identify, quantify and leverage the specific performance areas that drive your brand premium? Using behavioural economics and predictive modelling, PremiumEQ allows you to do it with certainty.
Measure and predict with certainty where to invest in customer experience to deliver the best ROI.
Design and optimise your product offer, pricing and brand with certainty using choice modelling and our dedicated brand module.
Optimise your brand’s influencer portfolio and accurately measure their true reach, potency and impact on sales.
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“ Knowledge is telling the past. Wisdom is predicting the future. ”


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As companies continue to expand and refine their digital commerce and promotional platforms there is potential to lose sight of the basics.

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    Our Founders

    We believe creating tomorrow will need new thinking and new solutions. To solve these problems and unlock future growth requires the blending of different skills and expertise.

    Over the past 10 years Elisa and Stephen have blended together their respective expertise in behavioural sciences and advanced analytics to solve some tricky and complex business problems.

    Working at the intersection of these traditional qualitative and quantitative skills, new solutions and thinking have emerged. This in turn warranted focus and the development of new products and solutions for business. Introducing FutureEQ.

    Elisa Adams

    Elisa has been passionate about understanding the human story and people’s behaviour for the past 30 years. Her interest in keeping up with developments in the space has enabled her to help some of Australia’s largest organisations transform their business. Elisa continues to study overseas and look for the best ways for us to understand human behaviour.

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    Stephen Prendergast

    Stephen has been a pioneer in the market research industry for the past 30 years. His commitment to finding new and better ways of delivering outcomes for clients continue to differentiate him from others. And as evidence of this commitment, he was recognised as a fellow of the market research society in 2018. Steven continues to look for future-facing solutions for tomorrow’s marketers.

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